Campus Blizzard Stats with Rich Rivera

As snow began to fill the college’s parking lots last Tuesday afternoon, Facility Services crews were already on the scene. Assistant Director of Facility Services and Roads and Grounds, Richard Rivera, talked this week about the college’s clean-up efforts in the wake of the blizzard that shuttered the college—and much of the district—for two days.

Q: Which campus accumulated the most snow?

A: Main Campus, City Center Campus and the Weitendorf Agricultural Education Center reported 20 inches of snowfall each and Romeoville Campus reported 19 inches. City Center Campus had the worst drifting … the Renaissance Center had four- and five-foot snowdrifts covering the entire length of the front entrance. Weitendorf had the second-worst snowdrifts.

Q: When did our crews begin the snow removal process and how long did it take?

A: The snow removal process began on Tuesday, Feb. 1, in the late afternoon. Our crew worked on clearing roadways and parking lot perimeters … efforts continued throughout the night into the following day until 4 p.m. Work continued at all campus locations simultaneously.

Q: How many snow removal vehicles were used? How many people did it take to clear everything?

A: There were 12 vehicles that took part in the snow removal process and 23 employees were dedicated just to snow removal. However, all Facility Services personnel who reported for work on Tuesday played a part in the cleanup effort.

Q: How does this storm compare to others you’ve seen in your tenure here?

A: This blizzard was not comparable to the 1979 snowfall, as 1979 did not meet blizzard criteria. However, 1979 had the record for the most snowfall in a single year. The 2011 blizzard is ranked as the top third blizzard of all time for the Midwest and Chicago area. The top-ranked blizzard was in 1967 followed by 1999 and now 2011.

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Snow photos of Main Campus taken 2-4-11

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