JJC to Host College Readiness Standards Workshop

Joliet Junior College will host a workshop for its high school and four-year college partners to educate them on the Common Core College Readiness Standards and curriculum alignment.

The workshop, which will be held on Monday, April 18, at the JJC City Center Campus, is a partnership between the Illinois Community College Board, Illinois Board of Higher Education, Illinois State Board of Education, and JJC Developmental Education.

The workshops are targeted for academic administrators, Regional Office of Education, math and English language arts faculty from high schools, community college and universities. In addition university researchers are attending as well.

Illinois and 46 other states have passed legislation to adopt national high school exit standards for college and career readiness.

The workshop will highlight these new standards as participants discuss ways to help implement these standards across mathematics and English Language Arts curricula in high schools, JJC, and four-year institutions.

More information is available on the website www.jjc.edu/info/ccrworkshop.

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