Main Campus Building Name Changes

In addition to the many physical changes taking place on the Main Campus, some buildings are in the process of being renamed to better help the campus community and visitors navigate the area.

New signage, which is a component of the master plan, will begin installation in the next few weeks to reflect the changes. Keeping these changes in mind, please note that starting July 5, the following building letter changes will take effect:

  • A-Building (current Ag/Hort space ) will become the S-Building
  • The Campus Center will become the A-Building
  • B-Building (current Early Childhood Center/Criminal Justice space) will be incorporated into the Campus Center or A-Building
  • The V-building (current Vet Tech space) will become B-Building

This system will ultimately promote an easier way to navigate the campus by introducing new building letters that more closely follow an alphabetical ordering system.

In addition, when creating a work request through iServiceDesk, or booking rooms for events or classes in Datatel, please remember these new building letters. Interior and exterior signage to reflect these changes will be in place before the start of the fall semester on Aug. 22.

For questions, contact ext. 2332.

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