Local High School Students Participate in JJC Robotics Engineering Challenge

Joliet Junior College’s Technical Department hosted its 10th Annual Robotics Engineering Challenge for area high school students on Jan. 27.
More than 100 students from nine local high schools participated in the challenge, including: Lake of the Woods home school program, Glenbard East High School, Grundy Area Vocational Center, Joliet Central High School, Joliet West High School, Lemont High School, Minooka High School, Ottawa High School, and Rich East High School.Local High School Students Participate in JJC Robotics Engineering Challenge
The students were split into 16 novice teams and nine expert teams. Each team was asked to create, design and program robotic cars using Lego kits. The teams were given multiple, timed challenges created by JJC staff. The novice team challenges included races, mazes, and an obstacle course. The expert challenges consisted of races, mazes, land navigation and search and rescue.
Points were awarded based on the robot’s effectiveness in completing each challenge. Additionally, teams were asked a series of science and mathematics questions related to the competition to add additional bonus points to their final score.
An awards ceremony culminated the event where teams placing first, second and third in both the novice and expert category received a medal and trophy. Each student also received a participation medal.
The following students were awarded in the expert category: first place, Brian Smith, Molly Shepard, Zoie Gallo, and Jesus Santoy, from Ottawa High School; second place, Travis Burke, Brandon White, Kyle Tulipano, and Josh Schubert from Lemont High School; third place, Chris Byrne, Nate Kolar, Bill Carroll, and Brett Stuffelbeam from Glenbard East High School.
The following students were awarded the novice category: first place, Ben Starcevich, Daniel Robison, Christopher Robison, and Ben Woodard from Lake of the Woods; second place, Tyler Pierce, Carlos Haro, Chris Price, Jon Fowler from Joliet West High School; third place Alrick Sayasavanh, Brian Ryjewski, Shane McCarthy, and Shon Mixen also from Joliet West High School.
In addition, the winning teams received eight technical books that were donated by American Technical Publishers, Inc.

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