JJC Expands Recycling Program

JJC is expanding its recycling program thanks to the Illinois Recycling grant the college received last July.
The project plan includes the purchase and installation of 11 recycling bins for the college’s new Campus Center, which will collect recyclables of mixed paper, aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles.
The project plan includes the following:JJC Expands Recycling Program
• Five bins placed on the main floor where the student service offices are located, three on the second floor, and three on the third floor
• Purchase and installation of a vertical cardboard baler to compact and bale cardboard for recycling
• Two eight cubic foot utility carts
• Hire two part-time workers in Facility Services
Bins will be placed near each elevator entrance and stairwell and throughout the hallways.
Recycling items accepted include:
• Newspapers
• Plastics
• Aluminum cans, foil, pie plates
• Tin/steel and bi-metals
• Mixed paper
• Glass bottles and jars
The nearly $20,000 grant, funded by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, will enable the college to strengthen recycling efforts and increase the diversion of co-mingled materials.
JJC began its first recycling program in 1989. Currently, 66 percent of the waste that is generated at the college is recycled. The grant will enable the college to increase the diversion of co-mingled materials by 16 percent, boosting the college’s potential to recycle 76 percent of waste.
For more information about JJC’s recycling program, please visit: http://jjc.edu/about/committees/sustainable-campus/Pages/recycling-jjc.aspx

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