Late President Dr. Gena Proulx’s Graduation Robes Donated to JJC

Set in the east vestibule of JJC’s library stands a mannequin draped in a black graduation gown. The gown, protected by a 77-inch by 24-inch display case, is the very one the college’s late president Dr. Gena Proulx wore to every JJC Late President Dr. Gena Proulxcommencement ceremony.
The library received the gown, display case, and mannequin in April as a donation to the Alpha Lambda Phi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa from Dr. Proulx’s husband, Bill Proulx.
“In January of this year, Bill Proulx approached the Alpha Lambda Phi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa about donating Dr. Proulx’s graduation gowns to the students of the chapter. His hope is that the gowns, while on display, will act as a symbol of inspiration and achievement for all students,” said Andrew Lenaghan, JJC professor and co-adviser of Phi Theta Kappa.
Also in the case is the William Bennett Award, a Hallmark Award from Phi Theta Kappa International.
“The William Bennett Award celebrates two-year college trustees, presidents and administrators who have spent their tenure championing the efforts and success of Phi Theta Kappa,” said Lenaghan.
Local chapter officers nominate individuals for the various hallmark awards. This past year, JJC’s officer team nominated Dr. Proulx for her dedication, support, and unwavering enthusiasm for the organization.
The students say that Dr. Proulx’s positive impact has been forever imprinted on them.
“Dr. Proulx meant so much to us—not only as students but as Kappans,” said JJC Phi Theta Kappa students in a statement. “Whether it was being able to stop by her office and talk through our college project and honors in action project, or the enthusiasm and pride she showed at each of our induction ceremonies, we knew that Dr. Proulx was always behind us. It meant so much to know that she was there and that she sincerely cared about our success as students.”

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