Main Campus Roadwork Update: New Traffic Patterns Begin May 7

Roadwork on Main Campus has progressed ahead of schedule, and current work will be completed sooner than originally projected. As a result, the next phase will begin on Monday, May 7 and is expected to run through Friday, May 18. Please see this map for a detailed illustration of the new traffic patterns that will be in place.
Arriving on Main Campus
• Coming in to the campus from southbound Houbolt Road (coming from Jefferson): traffic will not be able to enter the College on Entrance Road. Drivers will be diverted south to Olympic Dr. and then onto Centennial Drive.
• Coming in to the campus from northbound Houbolt (coming from I-80): traffic will be able to enter either from Centennial Drive or turning left on to Entrance Road.
Exiting Main Campus
• Centennial Drive will be open for exiting traffic for both north- or southbound Houbolt
• Exit Road traffic will not be able to turn south onto Houbolt to access I-80.
Centennial Commons Access
• Centennial Drive will be open to traffic from both the inner ring road and Houbolt (via Centennial Drive)
Additional roadwork changes will be announced in the coming weeks: please monitor the JJC website for the latest updates.

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