JJC Culinary Instructor Places in Top Five in International Pastry Competition

JJC Culinary Instructor Andy Chlebana competed as the captain of Team USA in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, an international pastry competition, in Lyon, France in January.

Team USA came in fourth place out of 22 teams that competed, only 0.3 percent of a point behind the third place team.

“This was the highest Team USA has finished in The Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in 8 years,” said Chlebana. “We were pleased with our performance and happy to be in fourth. The goal was to be in the top five. This year was a tough year, the competition level was very high, but we did a great job representing the USA.”

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Pastry Team USA was selected in April 2012 at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan. The team included Andy Chlebana (Captain), Stephen Durfee (Instructor at Culinary Institute of America, Christophe Feyt (Pastry Chef at Paris Casino in Las Vegas) and Roy Pell – Alternate (The Phoenician). The team met once a month in Grand Rapids to develop recipes and showpiece designs, and practiced up until December.

The team flew to Lyon on Jan. 19, allowing time to adjust to the time change, gather the rest of their necessary equipment, unpack, practice and get ready for the competition. They competed on Jan. 27, on the first day of the competition, against 11 other teams. Chlebana said they received excellent feedback on their tasting items and were at the top on the first day for tasting.

The second day brought teams from France, Belgium, Australia and the UK. France has only ever lost once in past competitions. At the end of day two, the winners were announced: France placed first, Japan second, Italy third and Team USA was fourth, just 0.3 percent behind Italy.


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