JJC Hosts Awareness Week for “Commit to Complete!” Campaign

Beginning Tuesday, March 5, students from Phi Theta Kappa, Student Government and numerous other student organizations are hosting “Spirit Week 2013: Commit to Complete!”
Students kicked off the campaign on Feb. 28 with a flash mob in the Main Campus cafeteria.JJC Hosts Awareness Week for "Commit to Complete!" Campaign
Throughout the week, events will be held to bring awareness to the importance of students completing their degree or career program at JJC. All groups—faculty, staff and students—are asked to participate.
In April 2010, leaders of six national organizations representing the nation’s 1,200 community colleges signed the “Call to Action,” a pledge to increase student completion rates by 50 percent over the next decade. This launched the Community College Completion Corps www.cccompletioncorps.org/.
JJC pledged its commitment in February 2011 to helping students complete their degrees or certificates by signing the American Association of Community College Trustees’ (ACCT) college completion challenge, which is a part of the Completion Corps initiative.
For the college’s local campaign, Spirit Week 2013, the following degree completion activities have been planned:
Tuesday, March 5: Show us your alma mater
• JJC faculty and staff will be wearing shirts or some other articles of clothing representing the school they received their degree or training from. Ask them how their college or university helped them get to where they are today!
Wednesday, March 6: Commit to Complete!
• The Alpha Lambda Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa has organized a day of events which includes: a signing wall (where students pledge to complete whatever degree or certificate they started), degree audit stations (located in A, S, T, and D concourse), JJC alumni panel of speakers, completion game show and much more. This is being held in conjunction with the Career Services Job Kick-Out happening on the Bridge the same day.
• What is your future career? Dress in apparel that represents the career you want to be in or what university you are planning to transfer to after JJC.
Thursday, March 7: Wear your JJC apparel
• Show your school spirit by wearing JJC or purple clothing.
For more information about getting involved and supporting Spirit Week, contact Andrew Lenaghan (alenagha@jjc.edu), Pam Dilday (pdilday@jjc.edu) or Dr. Mike Thune (mthune@jjc.edu).
According to the US Census Bureau, students who complete their associate degrees or certificates will earn an average of $400,000 more over the course of their careers than their peers who did not complete. In addition, individuals with credentials are less likely to become unemployed than their co-workers who did not earn credentials.
The college also hosted Lt. Governor Shelia Simon in fall 2011, who came to visit with college leaders and discuss degree completion efforts.

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