JJC Spring Gala Raises $10,000 for Student Scholarships, Culinary Program

Joliet Junior College’s 2013 Spring Gala helped raise approximately $10,000, after all 160 tickets sold out for the April 19 event, according to Culinary Chair Michael McGreal. The money will be used during the 2013-2014 academic year for student scholarships, faculty professional development, educational opportunities, and equipment for the department.JJC Spring Gala Raises $10,000; Serves 160

The newest touch of the spring gala, which took place on the Main Campus at 1215 Houbolt Road in Joliet, proved to be quite a hit. Guests were seated at a long, U-shaped table, and when the food was ready, all student chefs came out in a straight line. Each chef held one person’s meal, and in unison, they served the dish. The seating arrangement and serving style is credited to French chef Auguste Escoffier, born in 1846.

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“The guests loved the new design and set up,” McGreal said. “People kept saying all evening that it was the best spring gala we have ever had.”

Due to such positive feedback, McGreal said the Culinary Arts Department would most likely continue with the Escoffier seating arrangement and serving style next year. McGreal added that he also heard multiple compliments on student professionalism.

“The success of this year’s gala once again shows the commitment of the Culinary Arts faculty to our students and also illustrates how the culinary arts students at JJC are truly future leaders of this industry,” McGreal said.

The six-course dinner featured: salmon and Alaskan crab; wild game consommé printanier a la royale; local field greens with chive dijon vinaigrette; red currant; ribeye of beef; chocolate and raspberry charlotte royal; and amaretto ice cream.

JJC culinary scholarship winners will be announced later this summer. Winners will receive between $500 and $1,000.

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