JJC Collecting Items for Tornado Victims Until Nov. 27


**Update on JJC’s drive to help tornado victims: Collection boxes are now available at Main Campus, Romeoville, City Center and Morris. Also, the items most urgently needed right now are prepaid gift cards and plastic totes with lids.**

The JJC community is gathering items to help those in our area affected by the tornadoes on Sunday, Nov. 17.Sunday’s severe weather impacted many areas in our district, particularly the Coal City, Diamond, and Braidwood communities. The Student Agriculture Association, along with other clubs and departments on campus, will lead an effort to collect items for the affected individuals—many of them students and employees—for a Tornado Victim Relief Item Donation Drive. Requested items are listed below.There are donation bins located in the A-Building, J-Building, S-Building, T-Building, and room D-1010 and the Ag Shop in room S-1001, all on the Main Campus. There are also donation bins at the Morris Campus and Romeoville Campus.

Items will be collected through next Wednesday, Nov. 27, and dropped off at the Coal City Methodist Church which is the primary distribution point for the impacted areas.

If you have any questions, contact Perry Harlow at pharlo69@stu.jjc.edu or Doug Foss at dfoss@jjc.edu.

Personal Care Items:

Look for one of these bins to place your donations.

Shampoo and conditioner
Liquid soap
Body wash (no bars)
Toilet paper

Paper towels
Razors and shaving cream

Combs and brushes
Sanitary napkins
New curling irons and/or straighteners
New underwear
New socks
Good coats, gloves, mittens, hats
Warm work gloves

Holiday Gifts:
New toys
New gifts for older children
Gift Cards (Hardware stores, Walmart, Target…)

Baby Items:
Baby formula
Baby wipes

Non-Perishable Food Items:
Canned fruit
Snack chips
Snacks for sack lunches
Ziploc and sandwich bags
Bottled water

C, D and AA batteries
Brown lunch bags
Disposable coffee cups and lids
Packing tape
Duct Tape
Cardboard Boxes
Rubbermaid tubs and lids
School supplies
Dog/cat food
Large garbage bags

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