Improved Printing Services for JJC Students to Launch in January

JJC is implementing new and improved printing solutions for students starting in January 2014. 

Students will now be able to:

  • Print documents from their mobile devices through the new web printing service, which will be available in the open computer labs on Main Campus and Romeoville Campus.
  • Access printing in three new locations, which include the Health Professions Building, Romeoville Campus and J-Building student lounge on the main floor.
  • Connect their student ID cards to their JJC issued network login account.  Once they do this, they can simply use their student ID card to access the system and print.
  • Use their student ID to add value to their printing accounts.
  • Utilize the “Follow Me” program, which gives them the option of choosing which printer/location they want to print to.  So if they’re in the Health Professions Building, for example, they can release their print outs specifically to the printer in that building.
  • Get real-time feedback of their account balance and cost as the job proceeds.
  • View “jobs pending release” with full document information.
  • Get refunds on any Equitrac cards purchased in the library at Student Accounts and Payments.

 These new features are available in the following computer labs:

–          J-Building first floor (student lounge)

–          Cyber Café (D1005)

–          Main Campus library

–          T-Building (CIOS open lab, T-2024)

–          U-Building (U-2008C and student lounge)

–          Romeoville Campus library.  

The cost of printing for black and white is 10¢ per page, and color printing is 25¢ (available in the Main Campus library) and 20¢ for ddouble-sided.

For more information, students can visit, login, and then select “Print FAQ”, or contact the student tech support hotline at (866) 281-3638.


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