Seniors Can Learn to Avoid Scams in One-Day Course at JJC March 6

Joliet Junior College wants to help seniors handle scams in the right way and to feel confident about doing it through a new, lifelong learning course entitled “Senior Fraud: Protecting Yourself from Senior Scams.” The class is scheduled for Thursday, March 6, on the Main Campus at 1215 Houbolt Road in Joliet. It is filling up quickly, and seniors are advised to reserve a spot soon by calling 815-280-1555. The cost is $16.

The class, which includes a soup and sandwich lunch and begins at 11:30 a.m., aims to help seniors achieve two goals: to make them feel more empowered when encountering a scam, and to help them become more aware of scams in general.

A representative from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office will lead the class, which will also feature information about identity theft.

“One of the biggest and fastest ways to combat senior scams is for people to know what those scams are and what to be aware of,” said Brenda Large, JJC’s personal enrichment coordinator of corporate and community service.

Large said some of the most common scams include grandparent scams, foreign lottery schemes, charity scams, home improvement scams, bereavement scams, mortgage and reverse mortgage scams, and many others.

“Seniors are the number one targeted group in the U.S. for scams,” Large said. “It’s amazing how fast these things can happen. If you don’t know what you should be looking for, it’s easy to believe someone who is trying to scam you.”

Seniors are often targeted because they are available during the day, they enjoy talking to people, and they generally have money on hand, according to Large.

Even though the class is meant for seniors, it is also open to people who have senior parents.

This is the first time JJC is offering the class to help seniors avoid scams. In the future, Large said the college plans to offer similar courses.

To sign up for “Senior Fraud: Protecting Yourself from Senior Scams” (LLC 4723), or to get more information, log on to, sign up through JJC’s eResources, or call 815-280-1555.

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