Donors Provide Funding for JJC’s Farmers Market LINK Card Matching Program

L-R: Dr. Deb Daniels, Holly Club representatives Kathleen Zydek and Pam Kaumeyer.

Thanks to three generous donors, LINK card users at the JJC Farmers Market will now be able to get even more fresh produce and other approved items when they visit the weekly market.

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Shorewood HUGS, the Holly Club of Joliet and the Rotary Club of Joliet donated funds for the JJC Foundation’s LINK matching program, which will match the amount LINK card users wish to spend at the market up to $10 per market day.

“We are grateful to have such generous donors who support JJC’s mission of enriching the lives of its community members,” said Foundation Executive Director Kristi Mulvey. “The Farmers Market LINK card matching program will be a wonderful benefit to participants, giving them even more access to high quality, nutritious food from our local vendors.”

Those who wish to use LINK card funds at the Farmers Market simply need to visit Market Manager Dorothy Rosier during a market day, specify the amount of funds they wish to spend, and they will then receive a corresponding amount of tokens which can be used at the market for any LINK card approved items such as fresh produce. Now thanks to the matching program, LINK card users will also receive up to an additional $10 in tokens to spend at the market. In both cases, tokens can be used on a future market day and do not have to be spent the day they are received.

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L-R: Dr. Deb Daniels, Shorewood HUGS representatives Lorayne Wright and Molly Babyak.









L-R: Dr. Deb Daniels, Joliet Rotary representatives Dave Thornton (president of Joliet Rotary), Kathleen Zydek, Laurie Rambo and Brett Mitchell.











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