JJC’s New Website Design to Debut Fall Semester

The Web Development Team and the Information Technology Division are excited to share that the new, updated and mobile-friendly college website is ready to launch this fall semester.

Pictured above is a screenshot of JJC's new website design, to debut during fall semester 2014.

After intensive research was conducted through various surveys, focus groups, and a review of industry best practices, the web team concluded that the college website needed to have mobile accessibility and easier navigation for students. The site’s new responsive design reflects that, in addition to some navigational changes that will make key student support services easier to find. Please note that website content will remain the same, it will just be packaged differently. In addition, web editing will still reside in Sharepoint which should be something that existing employees are familiar with. To supplement the launch of the new site, Sharepoint training sessions will be held throughout the semester.

The new site is currently finishing testing applications with the expectation of coordinating training sessions for college offices and departments at the end of the month and through September. A full launch of the site is scheduled for late September or early October.

For more information, contact Kevin Gilboy at kgilboy@jjc.edu or at ext. 2331.

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