Local Students Receive Scholarships from JJC Faculty Union

The Joliet Junior College Faculty Union awarded $11,400 in scholarships to 17 local students this year. Every year since 1996, the JJC Faculty Union has made it a priority to award scholarships to eligible students in the community.

Scholarship winners who are also a part of the JJC Honors Program were eligible for an additional award given in memory of Pete Neff, a faculty member active in the union who founded the JJC Honors program.  This year, Ashley Nicole Headrick of Custer Park, and Stephanie Nicole Stanton of Joliet, each received $300 for the Pete Neff Award in addition to the scholarship amount below.

The 2014 scholarship winners are:

Coal City
William Lee Fatigante: $500

Crest Hill
Joshua Gibson Peick: $600

Custer Park
Ashley Nicole Headrick: $500

Paige Cathleen Dickinson: $200

Michelle Kristin Verkler: $1,000

Susannah Kendyl DeRoss: $800; William A. Holmes: $500; Stephanie Nicole Stanton: $200

Lana Maria dos Santos Crump: $800

Patrick Ethan Zelko: $500

Estefania Perez: $200

New Lenox
Jennifer Jean Richardson: $1,000; Emma Rose Van Donk: $1,000; Christopher L. Wolz: $1,000

Hannah-Beth Marie Griffis: $1,000; Vincent Charles Russo: $800; Samuel O. Myszynski: $200

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