New Music Technology Program Now Offered at JJC

The Joliet Junior College Fine Arts Department is now one of the only local colleges in the area offering a state-of-the art music technology program – and students can enroll as early as this fall semester.

Pictured above is new equipment for JJC's new music technology program.

JJC’s program, which contains classes that teach production and sound skills, along with the fundamentals of music and music business, will help students gain careers as live sound engineers, sound editors, audio operators, composers, music producers, music teachers, or small music recording business owners. Studying music technology can also help students land unique careers, such as composing music for a video game company, or managing live sound at an amusement park.

See photos of JJC’s larger practice rooms and other music classrooms

While JJC offered music technology classes in the past, this is the first year the college has implemented a program. According to David Nuccio, program coordinator, music technology is not only a new concept for JJC, but it’s also a new field of study altogether. Colleges and universities across the country are just starting to implement these types of classes and programs into their curriculum.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, music technology careers are in high demand. Postsecondary music teacher careers are expected to grow 19 percent between 2012 and 2022. Projected job growth by 2022 for sound editors, sound engineer technicians and audio engineers are 9 percent; and composers and jingle writers are 5 percent.

“Working in sound is cutting edge,” Nuccio said. “For example, let’s say you’re working in live sound. You may be working with bands during live shows, controlling all the computers and boards behind the scenes, so that it sounds as good as the musicians do in their recordings. Then, you have the people in front, monitoring and making sure the sound is all good, and the people who do tech wiring and check the signal flow.”

As a former music production business owner, Nuccio is a pioneer in music technology himself. Before coming to JJC, Nuccio practiced music technology at his Chicago-based small business called “Nuccio Music Productions.” He and his company created jingles for commercials and produced other small projects.

For the past three years, Nuccio has been hard at work, developing music technology courses for students. Now that the courses have turned into a program, Nuccio is excited to teach valuable skills to JJC students – many of which he learned while an entrepreneur himself.

“JJC’s music technology program will teach students about the industry, but it will also teach them about self motivation, entrepreneurship, discipline, and how to showcase their ability,” he said. “The music technology student is not your typical music major. Many are not killer musicians, and many do not want to jump on stage to perform. But they are students who still want music in their careers.”

Nuccio said students interested in music technology should be prepared to work on challenging projects. In class, students will work with new technology including piano keyboards hooked up to computers with programs that allow students to manipulate music. JJC even has its own recording studio now, with high-tech soundboards and other audio technology.

In addition to the basics of music technology, students will also learn about copyright laws, publishing, independent music companies, and the recording industry. Students will study the music industry as a whole – from pop music to symphony, opera, jazz, and more.

Nuccio’s advice for students entering this program is key: take everything one step at a time. Focusing is just as important as working hard and being disciplined.

“You get out of it what you put into it,” he added.

Students who graduate from JJC’s music technology program will get a certificate of completion, and with that, they can either begin their career search or transfer to a four-year school.

For more information about the music technology program, contact Nuccio at, or call 815-280-2569. For more information about JJC’s Fine Arts Department, visit

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