JJC Bookstore Introduces New Textbook Rental Service Beginning April 27

Joliet Junior College students can save up to 50 percent on textbooks if they choose to take part in the JJC Bookstore’s new rental service, beginning April 27. According to Brian Campus, interim bookstore co-manager, approximately 70 percent of all textbooks will be available to rent in future semesters. Books not available for rent include workbooks and other “consumable” textbooks.

Textbook rental services will be available at the JJC Bookstore beginning April 27, 2015.

“We’re so excited that we can finally give students a less expensive alternative to purchasing their textbooks,” Campus said. “For the past year and a half, we have been working hard in order to offer a direct rental service to students.”

In the past, the Bookstore offered limited rental services through the company, Skyo. The downfall, however, was that scholarship funds and financial aid could not be used toward Skyo’s rentals.

With this new rental service available directly through the Bookstore, students can use both financial aid and scholarship funds to rent their books.

In addition to saving students money, this service will allow the Bookstore to reuse textbooks for up to 12 semesters – making this service extremely sustainable. On average, the Bookstore carries between 700-800 book titles each semester.

When the rental service becomes available on April 27, students can begin renting textbooks for the Summer I and II semesters. Students can rent textbooks for the Summer III semester on June 15, and fall 2015 textbooks will be available for students on July 27.

For more information about the JJC Bookstore and its new rental services, visit www.jjc.edu/bookstore, or call 815-280-6767.

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