Culinary Arts Department Raises $30,000 Between Spring Gala, Farm-to-Fork Dinner

The Joliet Junior College Culinary Arts Department raised more than $10,000 at its annual Spring Gala on April 17, bringing in a total of $30,000 this year when combined with the proceeds from the department’s fine dining event in the fall, the Farm-to-Fork Dinner.

Spring Gala 2015

View photos from the Spring Gala

This amount will allow the department to award up to 35 scholarships to culinary students for the upcoming academic year. Each scholarship is worth between $1,000 and $500, with the winners being chosen later this summer. There are currently 250 students enrolled in the culinary program at JJC.

The Spring Gala, which takes place every April, is a fine dining event for culinary students to showcase what they have learned throughout their time at JJC. The Farm-to-Fork Dinner, occurring in late September, teaches culinary students the importance of cooking with local food that is in-season.

In addition to the scholarships, additional funds will go toward faculty professional development, educational opportunities and equipment for the department.

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