JJC Police Raise More Than $6,000 For Special Olympics

JJC Campus Police raised $6,190.54 in donations for Special Olympics during their annual Law Enforcement Torch Run fundraisers this spring.

Cop on a Rooftop, 2015

Patrol Officer Randy Graves said this is the most that has been raised in a long time, and the success of the fundraiser wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the JJC community.

“We want to thank our JJC students, staff and faculty for their continued support of Special Olympics,” he said. “Across the state, law enforcement agencies are the leading fund raisers for Special Olympics. Officers volunteering their time have raised over $3 million just in Illinois for this great cause.”

This year at JJC, campus police fundraisers including the annual spaghetti dinner raised $1,289; the Dunkin Donuts “Cop on a Rooftop” raised $1,700; raffle tickets for a motorcycle and jeep (still ongoing) raised $1,900; and merchandise sales, including t-shirts and hats, raised $1,300.

The Special Olympics will take place this year in Normal, Illinois from Saturday, July 25 to Sunday, Aug. 2. For more information, visit http://www.soill.org.

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