See the Unseen at a Special Trackman Planetarium Presentation on Oct. 28

Did you know there is light in the universe that human eyes cannot see? Everyone is invited to a special show at the JJC Trackman Planetarium on Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. called “Multiwavelength Astronomy: From Gamma Rays to Radio Waves.” The Planetarium is on the JJC Main Campus, 1215 Houbolt Road in Joliet.IMG_0406 (1024x683)

This free planetarium show, which is being held to celebrate the 2015 International Year of Light, will focus on what astronomical objects look like in different wavelengths. Human eyes can only see visible light, which is a small part of all the light that the universe emits, and we also give off infrared light. Audience members will have the chance to see this through JJC’s ICI ToughCam, which will show what humans look like in infrared. In addition, guests will be able to see what the Sun, the planets, our galaxy and other galaxies look like at wavelengths that our eyes cannot see.

The presentation will include a sky tour with JJC’s Omnistar digital projector, to point out where the Sun, planets and other celestial objects are in the Oct. 28 evening sky.

For more information, contact Prof. Noella Dcruz at 815-280-2572 or


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