JJC Collegiate Club Presents Annual Awards

Lori Johnson pictured with the JJC Business Club.

Lori Johnson pictured with the JJC Business Club.

The JJC Collegiate Club Council celebrated the end of spring semester by honoring three award recipients at its annual Recognition Event on Wednesday, May 4. 

Business Education Professor Lori Johnson was named Adviser of the Year; student Leo Mireles was named Student Leader of the Year; and the International Student Club, advised by International Student Services Coordinator Dayna Crabb and Career Services Adviser Jill Geers, was named Club of the Year.

Lori Johnson was recognized for her commitment as adviser of JJC’s Business Club, a newly formed organization at the college. Since its inception two years ago, Johnson has brought local business owners to campus to talk with students about what it’s like in their careers. She has also coordinated field trips, such as a visit to sports franchises that include the Wolves, Cubs, White Sox, and Blackhawks. Without her dedication and enthusiasm, the club would not be as successful as it is today.

Leo Mireles pictured with Campus Police Officiers.

Leo Mireles pictured with Campus Police Officers.

Leo Mireles, a campus safety officer and president of JJC’s Criminal Justice Club, was chosen because his leadership skills have really grown in the past year. In addition to being enthusiastic about his passion in criminal justice, Mireles helped lead an effort through the club to raise money for a Special Olympics fundraiser put on annually by Campus Police. Mireles is also a great communicator and was a big reason why the Criminal Justice Club became more active on campus this year.

The International Student Club was recognized this year because of the educational opportunities offered to its members. During meetings, students give presentations on different countries around the world – either their home country or a place they have visited. This has provided a great way for others to not only learn about each other, but about other cultures around the world. The club is open to both international students and local students.

International Students Club

International Students Club

To learn more about student groups, clubs and organizations at JJC, please visit http://www.jjc.edu/student-activities/Pages/club-listing.aspx.

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