JJC Celebrates Grand Opening of Event Center

Approximately 100 community members, students, faculty, staff, and local legislators gathered at JJC on Sept. 12 to celebrate the grand opening of the Event Center, one of JJC’s major master plan projects.

JJC President Judy Mitchell, center, cuts the ribbon at JJC’s Event Center grand opening together with members of the Board of Trustees and student athletes.

“Today’s celebration is the culmination of several years of planning to develop this area of the college,” said JJC President Dr. Judy Mitchell. ”But it is also a reaffirmation of our commitment to teaching and learning, and to continuing our tradition of being a resource to our community.”

In 2015, the college broke ground for the 85,223 square-foot athletic facility, which features basketball courts, volleyball courts, batting cages, conditioning space and meeting spaces available for rental, among other resources.

JJC Trustee Mike O’Connell spoke to the importance of the facility to not only JJC students, but all members of the community JJC serves.

“This beautiful facility is the product of an immense planning effort, bringing together the voices of countless people across the college to ensure we were building a space that suited our students and our larger college district,” he said.  “As trustees, it is our priority to encourage the development of programs and spaces that align with your needs.”

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The Event Center was identified as a priority project in the college’s 2013 Master Plan Update, which was approved by the JJC Board of Trustees in April 2013. The update reconsidered 2008 master plan projects that were not implemented, examined new projects, and recommended priorities that respond to various challenges facing the college in the future.

In addition to providing much needed space and resources for athletic competitions and student athlete training, the Event Center provides a venue for the college to once again host graduation ceremonies on campus. In May 2017, JJC hosted its first commencement ceremony in the new facility, bringing graduation back to campus after several years at Lewis University.

The Event Center is available to the community for space rental: for more information about rental opportunities, contact Susie Stockwell at (815) 280-2524 or visit http://www.jjc.edu/external-rentals/Pages/default.aspx.

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