JJC Students Receive Unprecedented Reimbursement

** Please note: the direct notification of the fall semester reimbursement was sent to students at their JJC email address in November, and all cards were mailed by Dec. 15 to the home address on file listed within the student’s account. If you are a student or parent with questions about this reimbursement initiative, please contact the Student Accounts and Payments team at (815) 280-6688.

Joliet Junior College students received a surprise this month as the college made an unprecedented announcement: that it would provide a partial monetary reimbursement to students attending JJC this academic year.

“JJC’s board of trustees and college leadership made the difficult decision to raise tuition by $19 per credit hour last spring to help make up for an anticipated reduction in funding from the state of Illinois this year,” JJC President Dr. Judy Mitchell wrote in an email to students. “However, because state funding is better than expected this year, we are able to partially reimburse you for the financial burden you helped us shoulder during this difficult time.”

Each student appreciation payment will be in the form of a Visa prepaid debit card and mailed to students. The college will disburse around $2.9 million in total to students registered for both Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 classes, an amount which equates to the extra state funding the college expects to receive above its FY18 budget.

The Board of Trustees made the student appreciation payment a priority after the fiscal year 2018 state budget was passed.

“We have all been impacted on some level by the financial instability at the state level,” Board Chairman Bob Wunderlich said. “Many of our students struggle with financial barriers and we have worked diligently to remove these barriers through the development of additional scholarships and other support services. This action hopefully shows our students how important their continued success is to us and how we value their trust and investment in JJC as their first choice in higher education.”

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